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    Continuous monitoring of methane, non-methane and total hydrocarbons based on a methane / total hydrocarbon calibration

    The Baseline® 9000 MNME Methane/Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer is designed for rapid measurement of the total hydrocarbons, methane, and non-methane hydrocarbon content in gas samples. The Baseline® 9000 MNME uses a flame ionization detector (FID) in conjunction with an oxidation catalyst switched in and out of a portion of the sample stream. The catalyst oxidizes all hydrocarbons except methane to produce a methane measurement. This catalytic reaction relies on the presence of oxygen (O2) in the sample. The methane value is then subtracted from the total hydrocarbon concentration to determine the non-methane hydrocarbon reading. Output options include analog, digital and logic capabilities.

    The Baseline® 9000 MNME provides fast data handling and highly reproducible results. Errors commonly associated with catalyst characteristics have been eliminated providing an extremely stable and accurate signal. Because the non-methane signal is the difference in the two measured quantities, it is more stable, thus greatly reducing its systemic zero drift. The non-methane signal response factor is adjusted and thus closely correlates to the carbon number. This analytic method eliminates integration errors that can be present in gas chromatographic (GC) methods

    The Baseline® 9000 MNME can be configured with internal components for single or multi-point analysis of non-condensing gas samples. The automatic calibration feature enhances the long-term analytical stability of the instrument.

    The Baseline® 9000 Methane/Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer provides access to operating parameters and concentration data through an RS-232 or Ethernet port. A simple ASCII, tab delimited protocol has been implemented. The ASCII data can be acquired by an external PC running a basic communications program such as Windows® Hyper Terminal or the analyzer can output binary or ASCII formats directly to a data acquisition system or PLC. Every Baseline® 9000 analyzer includes MOCON's free Baseline® PC utility 9000 Keeper used for storing and uploading multiple methods, as well as sending configuration settings, directly to the analyzer.


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    The Baseline® Series 9000TCA is a specialized member of the extraordinary Series 9000 family of gas analyzers. The Series 9000 is the candidate of choice whenever accurate, reliable total hydrocarbon and total carbon analysis is required. The Series 9000 analyzer provides unparalleled flexibility and offers continuous, fully automated gas analysis over a broad range of concentrations.

    The Series 9000 TCA has a dynamic range from less than 0.1 ppm to 100 ppm, it's designed to measure total hydrocarbon content and provide a combined carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) reading. The analyzer has a generous complement of analog, digital and logic output capabilities.

    The analyzer is based on a flame ionization detector (FID) with FlowGuard electronic control that delivers a small portion of the sample gas to the detector flame. During the combustion process, organic or hydrocarbon-based gases in the sample are ionized then they can be detected by the instrument and reported as a concentration.

    The Series 9000 TCA can be configured with internal components for single or multipoint analysis of non-condensing gas samples. The automatic calibration feature enhances the long-term analytical stability of the instrument. These features place the instrument well ahead of the competition in performance, automation, and configurability.

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