Fully Automated and High Throughput

Suitable for beach / marina water testing, water treatment plants, wastewater facilities, fracking water testing, or for water Quality Control the GreenLight Series 930 automates bacterial measurements using a 24 (or 48)  position carousel system for 15 ml (or 2 ml) APCheck® vials which integrates the sensor chemistry and individually bar coded vials. The vials and vial holding carousels are individually and uniquely barcoded to ensure accurate recording of results regardless of the vial positions or addition of new vials.  The powerful software allows the uninterrupted addition of new tests while others are still in process.  The results are recorded in a format that meets Good Laboratory Practices if 40 CFR part 160 'EPA' and 21 CFR part 58 'FDA' requirements. 
Unit of Measure