Portable Toxic Gas Detector

Flexibility for Monitoring Total VOC’s in Your Current Environment or a Remote Area

The MOCON - Baseline VOC-TRAQ® II Flow Cell incorporates the VOC-TRAQ® II with a flow-through housing, enabling total volatile organic compound (TVOC) measurement with an inlet and outlet flow path for remote sample delivery. This unit allows for controlled sample delivery when used in conjunction with a pressurized source or pump.

The VOC-TRAQ II Flow Cell provides the ability to remotely monitor and record the presence of total volatile organic compounds using a PC with Windows-based OS software. The acute sensitivity of this device is provided by the piD-TECH® eVx photoionization detector.

Designed for ease of use whether you are an air quality consultant, safety engineer, maintenance manager, or just concerned about TVOCs in your indoor environment.

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Item #

Gases Monitored


Available Dynamic Ranges (Isobutylene)

Operating Temperature

Operating Humidity

Response Time




Internal Memory



Computer Requirements

N/A Many Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) N/A MOCON - Baseline piD-TECH® eVx photoionization detector, 10.6 eV or 10.0 eV Lamp N/A 10.0 eV Part #043-739 6,000 ppm (Purple) 10.0 eV Part #043-741 60 ppm (Yellow) 10.0 eV Part #073-740 600 ppm (Red) 10.6 eV Part #043-734 10,000 ppm (Green) 10.6 eV Part #043-735 2,000 ppm (Purple) 10.6 eV Part #043-736 200 ppm (Red) 10.6 eV Part #043-737 20 ppm (Yellow) 10.6 eV Part #043-738 2 ppm (Blue) N/A 20 to 40 °C (-4 to 104 °F) N/A 0 - 90% RH (non-condensing) N/A T90: < 10 seconds (dry isobutylene response) N/A ± 3% of reading, with constant temperature and pressure N/A 1.4” diam. x 5.8” L ((3.56 cm diam. x 14.73 cm L) N/A 5.0 oz (141.75 g) N/A 2 Mb EEPROM memory stores up to 36,000 readings N/A Powered from USB 5 VDC power for operation [PC, wall connected USB power supply (5.0 VDC, 40 mA), or optional battery pack] N/A Software controlled N/A Microsoft® Windows® 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista™ PC or equivalent via USB, 2.0 or greater
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